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How to Choose the Right Ghost Kitchen Software to Start Your Business?


A Ghost kitchen is a restaurant that comprises, no display window or a shopfront. It does not provide any dine-in services to the customers and is a part of the food supply chain only through delivering meals at their doorstep.

Dine-in restrictions and an increase in shelter-in-place orders have prompted restaurant owners to shift their focus to ghost kitchens over the last year. The demand for online food delivery services had already elevated the growth of ghost kitchens and the arrival of the COVID-19 escalated the profitability & popularity of the model.

Considering the rising popularity of the model, many business owners have started investing in the ghost kitchen delivery software. However, selecting one from the list of a plethora of software could be a hectic and time-consuming task. To help restaurateurs make an informed business decision, we have listed several factors in this blog post that must be taken care of before selecting a ghost kitchen.

ghost kitchen delivery software.

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Why Selecting a Ghost Kitchen Delivery Software Matters for Your Business?

Below listed are some significant benefits of selecting a ghost kitchen software for your business:

1. Rising Demand For the Ghost Kitchen Delivery Softwares

According to Statista, the global ghost kitchen market is estimated to reach 71.4 billion US dollars by 2027. In a webinar organized by Euromonitor, ghost kitchens could create a $1 trillion global opportunity by the end of 2030. Such stats clearly indicate that the future shines bright for the global ghost kitchen market. So whether you’re an entrepreneur or an established ghost kitchen owner, investing in a ghost kitchen delivery software could turn out to be a lucrative idea for your business.

2. Wider Audience base

Be it students, office goers, or families, investing in a ghost kitchen software will help you capture a wider audience base. According to a report, almost 20% of the U.S. consumers spend more while placing online orders as compared to their regular dine-in experience. The arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic has also increased the usage of online food delivery platforms as many people have started using them for satisfying their hunger pangs. Hence, creating a ghost kitchen delivery software could enhance your user base as well as returning visitors.

3. Vast Market Reach

A ghost kitchen delivery software could play a significant role in increasing your brand awareness. You can improve your ghost kitchen software by running digital marketing campaigns and social media platforms to increase your brand reach. Moreover, you also entice new users by making them aware of special deals and offers available on several food items. You can also track customers’ behaviour and roll out personalized offers considering their order preferences.

4. Seize the opportunity to target local vendors.

Over the last year, the lockdown restrictions imposed by the government on a timely basis left many local vendors struggling to sell their food items to customers. You can support small and mid-sized offline vendors by starting your ghost kitchen delivery software. It’s possible to help local vendors by listing their restaurants on your ghost kitchen software.  In addition to that, starting an online food delivery platform would also create several job opportunities for delivery boys.

Factors to Consider before Selecting a Ghost Kitchen Software

Following are some prominent factors to consider before selecting a ghost kitchen delivery software:

1. Fully Customizable

Make sure the ghost kitchen delivery software you’re selecting comes with an array of customization options so that you can customize it as per your business requirements. Developing a ghost kitchen delivery platform from scratch could take a ton of time. On the other hand, opting for ready-made and fully customizable solution could save your development time and cost to a great extent.

2. Advanced Dashboard

In order to manage activities such as delivery staff operations, order requests, refund requests, daily sales reports, and restaurant’s operations, it is necessary to select a ghost kitchen delivery software embedded with advanced functionalities. The dashboard must be well designed and integrated with the latest features so that you can keep an eye on all activities surrounding your ghost kitchen business.

3. Multilingual

You can capture a wider audience base if the ghost kitchen delivery software you’re selecting has multilingual functionality. A multilingual platform not only removes language barriers but also helps local audiences order their favorite food in their native language. It would be easy to engage new users from varied locations across the world. Your customers could also change the language of the platform as per their location.

4. Tech Support & Maintenance Services

Once you’ve selected and bought a ghost kitchen delivery software, there may arise a situation where you need some professional assistance for fixing bugs or understanding the platform’s functionalities. So it is recommended to select a platform that comes with technical support & maintenance services in order to handle consequences in the near future.

5. Search Engine Friendly

A food delivery software that comes with SEO-friendly features could play a crucial role in increasing user traffic. In order to create a solid brand presence, it is crucial for your ghost kitchen software to rank on search engines. Before selecting one for our business, make sure it is embedded with an affiliate marketing module or loyalty programs so that you can promote your ghost kitchen delivery business effectively.

6. Third Party Integrations

The ghost kitchen restaurant software must be loaded with the following third-party integrations for the smooth working of various modules:

  • Payment Gateway: Square API, Braintree, Stripe, PayPal
  • Location: Google Maps, Google Places API
  • Cloud: AWS, Azure
  • Registration: Google Sign-In, Facebook SDK, iOS
  • Analytics: Google Analytics, Apple analytics
  • Push Notifications: Firebase Cloud Messaging
  • SMS: Twilio
  • Mailing: Mailchimp

7. UI/UX Design

To convert regular users into potential customers, it’s mandatory that the ghost kitchen delivery platform you’re selecting must have an appealing UI/UX design. A ghost kitchen delivery software with a polished and eye-catchy UI/UX design will keep your customers hooked and provide the best navigation experience.

Top Ghost Kitchen Delivery Softwares

Here are some top ghost kitchen delivery software available in the market:


Yo!Yumm is a ghost kitchen delivery software that enables entrepreneurs to launch their food delivery platform conveniently. It comes with a ready-made admin panel that helps business owners manage their marketplace activities without any hassle. It is a fully customizable solution that also provides ready-to-launch web portals and mobile apps for buyers, sellers, and delivery staff. Since its launch, Yo!Yumm has been used by numerous players in the food industry such as Bulldog Delivery, Afritastes, OYO cater,, Petabhari, and more.

Yo!Yumm a feature-rich software to set your Ghost Kitchen


Tookan is a renowned ghost kitchen delivery software loaded with innovative features to make restaurant management a trouble-free affair for restaurateurs. Whether it’s about handling customer’s requests or delivery staff operations, business owners can use Tookan’s dashboard to manage all activities in one place. To help restaurateurs gain wider market reach, food delivery software also comes with multilingual functionality. Restaurant owners can also monitor their business’ performance and analyze sales reports to create effective marketing strategies.


Being one of the top food delivery software in the USA, DeliverLogic helps business owners launch their ghost kitchen delivery platform. DeliverLogic was launched with a vision to help restaurant owners boost their revenue in the highly competitive food delivery market. Whether you’re a local independent cafe or national restaurant chain, DeliverLogic is designed to help food delivery businesses of all sizes work effectively and efficiently.


HungerRush is a leading ghost kitchen delivery solution created for entrepreneurs looking to start their food delivery business quickly. Though HungerRush is an easy-to-use and customizable platform, entrepreneurs can customize it and develop a food delivery platform as per their business requirements. HungerRush also comes with a loyalty & reward program that helps restaurant owners grow a loyal customer base.


DeOnDe is a ghost delivery solution created for entrepreneurs looking to start their food delivery business quickly. As the best on-demand food delivery software, DeOnDe allows business owners to set up an admin panel and mobile apps for customers, restaurants, and delivery staff within a time period of just two days. Ever since it came into existence, DeOnDe has been trusted by various food delivery brands that include Osla food, Talabnow, Food Rider, Food master delivery, and more.

Get Professional Assistance for Selecting a Ghost Kitchen Delivery Software

Why is Yo!Yumm the Optimal Ghost Kitchen Software? 

Among all ghost kitchen delivery software listed above, Yo!Yumm could be considered the best food delivery software because of the following features:

  • Fully customizable
  • Free One-year Tech Support
  • Web Panels & Mobile Apps
  • Free One-Year Technical Support
  • Multilingual
  • COVID-19 features


In addition to considering the above-written factors while selecting a ghost kitchen delivery software, business owners must also identify their budget and business needs. In order to understand the detailed working of a software, it is recommended to run the demo to check key functionalities and features. Business owners must also consult the proprietor of the ghost kitchen delivery software for a much better understanding.

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