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What is Yo!Yumm?

Yo!Yumm is a market-ready online food delivery app solution to launch your online food delivery business without any hassle. It is a turnkey software using which entrepreneurs can launch online food ordering & delivery marketplace websites and mobile apps.

Is Yo!Yumm fully customizable?

Yes, Yo!Yumm is fully customizable, but it is chargeable. The customer is charged a pre-set amount on a per-hour basis for the required customizations.

What makes Yo!Yumm, the best software to build a food ordering and delivery app?

Yo!Yumm provides exclusive features and advanced tools facilitating the client to seamlessly manage the entire working of the system. Some of the features that make Yo!Yumm stand out are as follows:

  • Fully Customizable
  • Lifetime Ownership
  • Free One-Year Technical Support
  • Seamless Mobile Apps
  • No Hidden Charges
  • Advanced Delivery Management
  • Robust Website
What kind of application can be built with Yo!Yumm?

Yo!Yumm is a White label solution. Through Yo!Yumm, we can create an online food delivery marketplace. It has features to facilitate multiple vendors on-board providing customers a large variety of restaurants to choose from. It is a package consisting of one web application and three mobile applications. The solution can be configured to support single vendors to launch an online food ordering and delivery system.

What are the pre-integrated API's with Yo!Yumm?

API is the acronym for application programming interface, which is a software intermediary that allows two applications to talk to each other.

Yo!Yumm has 12 pre-integrated API

  • Google
  • Authorise.Net
  • CCAvenue
  • Clickatell
  • Facebook
  • Firebase
  • Paypal
  • Stripe
  • AppStore
  • GoogleMaps
  • MailChimp
  • Mandrill
What revenue channels can be supported by Yo!Yumm?

There are five main revenue channels for the Yo!Yumm platform owner.

  • On-site Restaurant Promotion
  • Commission From Restaurants on each order placed from the restaurant
  • Subscription model for the merchants
  • Third-Party Advertisements
  • Delivery fee
Is Yo!Yumm scalable?

Yes, Yo!Yumm is a scalable platform. It can accommodate large usage adapting with the growth of the business.

Is Yo!Yumm SSL compliant?

Yes, the platform is compliant with the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) enabling a secure web server connection. It requires an SSL-enabled web server along with an SSL certificate.

Can the admin manage order deliveries in Yo!Yumm?

Yes, Admin can manage the deliveries for restaurants. Both merchant and admin can take care of the deliveries, but for a given restaurant at a given time either one (admin or merchant) can carry the deliveries.

What are the possible revenue generation methods for a Yo!Yumm platform owner?

There are five main revenue streams for the Yo!Yumm platform owner.

  • On-site Restaurant Promotion
  • Commission From Restaurants on each order placed from the restaurant
  • Subscription model for the merchants
  • Third-Party Advertisements
  • Delivery fee
Is your solution white label?

Yes, Yo!Yumm is a white label solution that can be easily rebranded with your brand identity and logo.

Which payment gateways are available in Yo!Yumm?

There are four payment gateways integrated into the solution by default: PayPal, CC Avenue,, and Stripe.

As Yo!Yumm is highly customizable, we can easily integrate additional payment gateways as per the business requirements of the clients.

Can a platform like UberEATS & Deliveroo be built using Yo!Yumm?

Yes, the solution is highly flexible and can be easily designed to meet the client's business requirements. With a few customizations, our team can help you build platforms like Uber Eats and Deliveroo.

Are there any geographical limitations in the product?

No, there are no geographical limitations in the product.

The admin can easily select a time zone as per the geographical location in which the marketplace operates. The registered restaurants would operate in the same time zone.

Is this Solution integrated with the Restaurant Reviews and Rating module?

Yes, customers have the option to review and rate a restaurant. After the order is successfully delivered to the customer and is marked as completed, he/she can give reviews and ratings for the restaurant. Also, the restaurant owners can reply to the reviews posted by the customers.

Is Location-based search available?

Yes, the location-based search is available on the platform. Customers can search for an address or a city to see the restaurants delivering to their location. The admin can add cities in which the marketplace is operational.

Can I have a customized service package?

Yes, you can buy a customized service package that suits your business requirements.

Our dedicated team of sales representatives is always available to customize a service package with all the desired services to meet your business goals. You can connect with our sales representatives via live chat or send us a free quote to clarify your doubts regarding pricing details and customized service packages.

Will I be getting an estimate before I confirm my project with your firm?

Yes, we'll share a formal quote with the price and estimated time that various departments may take to complete your project.

You are under no obligation to select our firm for your project. You can accept or reject our offer as per your requirements. However, it would be highly appreciable if you share your concerns so that we can review our proposal and submit a quote that suits your budget and timelines.

The inquiry shared by you will be handled by our experts and they will get back to you as soon as possible with an estimated price and time frame. Feel free to make use of the contact form to share your queries with our sales representatives.

Is the personalized demo free?

Yes, the first personalized demo is absolutely free. Please fill the "Contact Us" form or use a live chat option to get in touch and book a free personalized demo.

What's included in 1-year free tech support service?

Yo!Yumm provides 1-year free technical support for following kind of issues:

  • Server-side scripting/programming errors/bugs
  • Logical Bugs/Calculation related errors/bugs
  • Connection errors/API Integration Errors

Yo!Yumm provides 1-year free technical support for following kind of issues:

For example:

  • Server or software/application or extension downgrades/upgrades
  • Edits done in the code/scripts delivered by any external entity/person/professional
  • Operating System or Browser Version Downgrades/Upgrades
  • Any other factor which is not directly related to any deficiency at the end of Yo!Yumm

Yo!Yumm provides multi-channel support in the form of online chat, social media, email, text messaging, and phone. Apart from these channels, Yo!Yumm has its own project management system that allows it to address client requirements and issues.

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