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Commonly Asked Questions For Yo!Yumm

Can the admin manage order deliveries in Yo!Yumm?

Yes, Admin can manage the deliveries for Restaurants. Both Merchant and Admin can take care of the deliveries, but for a given restaurant at a given time either one (Admin or Merchant) can carry the deliveries.

What are the possible revenue generation methods for a Yo!Yumm Platform Owner?

There are five main revenue streams for the Yo!Yumm platform owner.

  • On-site Restaurant Promotion
  • Commission From Restaurants on each order placed from the restaurant
  • Subscription model for the merchants
  • Third-Party Advertisements
  • Delivery fee
Is your Solution White Label?

Yes, Yo!Yumm is a white label solution that can be easily rebranded with your brand identity and logo.

Which payment gateways are available in Yo!Yumm?

There are four payment gateways integrated into the solution by default: PayPal, CC Avenue,, and Stripe.

As Yo!Yumm is highly customizable, we can easily integrate additional payment gateways as per the business requirements of the clients.

Can a platform like UberEATS & Deliveroo be built using Yo!Yumm?

Yes, the solution is highly flexible and can be easily designed to meet the client's business requirements. With a few customizations, our team can help you build platforms like Uber Eats and Deliveroo.

Are there any geographical limitations in the product?

No, there are no geographical limitations in the product.

The admin can easily select a time zone as per the geographical location in which the marketplace operates. The registered restaurants would operate in the same time zone.

Is this Solution integrated with the Restaurant Reviews and Rating module?

Yes, customers have the option to review and rate a restaurant. After the order is successfully delivered to the customer and is marked as completed, he/she can give reviews and ratings for the restaurant. Also, the restaurant owners can reply to the reviews posted by the customers.

Is Location-based search available?

Yes, the location-based search is available on the platform. Customers can search for an address or a city to see the restaurants delivering to their location. The admin can add cities in which the marketplace is operational.

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