A Brief Insight of How to Start a Multi-restaurant Food Delivery Marketplace

Our solution is brimmed with exemplary features that help entrepreneurs launch an online food ordering and delivery marketplace conveniently. With YoYumm you can easily build a highly scalable and customizable multi-restaurant food delivery marketplace that provides a seamless food delivery experience to the customers.

Let's go through the 6 steps that you need to keep in mind in order to easily build your food delivery marketplace.

Choose the Perfect Plan to Fit Your Business Needs

The first step to start building an online food delivery marketplace is to choose a reliable software solution. The solution should be efficient enough to meet all your business needs. Yo!Yumm offers everything that is required to streamline your online food delivery business

Lifetime ownership

Yo!Yumm provides complete ownership and lifetime license.

No recurring costs after delivery

We don't charge any transaction fees after the deployment of the solution on the server. There is no hidden recurring cost.

Easy payment terms

We offer highly flexible payment plans. The total cost of the product can be paid in installments at different stages of project development.

Free one-year technical support

Having a technical support team is crucial for the marketplace to work efficiently. Yo!Yumm comes with 1-Year free technical support.

Setup and Install with Ease

The next important step is to set up and install the solution. Yo!Yumm is easy and hassle-free to set up. Ready-made mobile apps and web panels can quickly be installed to kick-start your business in no time.

Robust website

Yo!Yumm's user-friendly web portals integrated with robust tools and functionalities, empower entrepreneurs to launch a food ordering website without any hassle.

Apps deployment

Our team assists you in the complete process of apps deployment and releases the mobile apps for customers, merchants, and delivery staff on the app store and play store.

Free installation

Our astute team of developers will deploy the solution on a server of your choice, free of cost.

Dedicated project manager

A dedicated project manager is assigned to explain product functionalities and handle all queries related to the solution.

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Configure the Settings of Your Food Ordering and Delivery Marketplace

There are various components to be configured in order to make your food delivery marketplace functional and useful for all stakeholders. Our team of experts will help you configure your food delivery marketplace with all the necessary APIs and tools to seamlessly manage orders, deliveries, and payments.

Frictionless customer experience

Yo!Yumm is integrated with several third-party APIs and impressive features such as advanced search, geo-fencing, self-pickup, etc. to provide a frictionless customer experience.

Effective CMS

Create, manage, edit, & publish visual content, blog posts, videos, and graphics on your website with our easy-to-use content management system.

Digital identity management

Admin can easily add the brand logo, language, location, and other details as per the business requirements.

Secure payment

Yo!Yumm is integrated with multiple secure payment gateways to help you build trust and loyalty among your customers for a seamless experience.

Yo!Yumm API's

Streamline the Onboarding Process

It is very crucial for user experience and will help in increasing user engagement. This ensures your food delivery marketplace is fully functional, user-friendly, and appealing to potential customers. Various features offered by Yo!Yumm lets the admin easily onboard and manages customers and restaurants on the platform.

Package selection

Yo!Yumm comes with corporate and individual subscription packages. Restaurant owners can either select a corporate package to add multiple restaurants or an individual subscription package for single restaurant addition.

Restaurant data management

After selecting the package, the merchant will be able to add basic restaurant details like name, logo, location, delivery charges, and working hours of the restaurant.

Customizable menu items

The merchants can easily manage the catalogs and customize the menu as per their requirements. Restaurant owners can add menu items and mark their availability for the day.

Restaurant verification

The restaurant owner will send restaurant details to the admin for verification. Admin will validate the information and approve or reject the restaurant owner's request.

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Launch your Marketplace with the Perfect Marketing Tools

After onboarding, the next important step is to launch your online food delivery marketplace in the industry. Yo!Yumm offers dedicated marketing modules to help you make and implement various marketing and promotion strategies in order to quickly reach your target audience.

Search engine rankings

Admin has the facility to add meta tags, heading tags, and manage URL structure to achieve higher search engine rankings.

Social media promotion

Yo!Yumm is integrated with several features to help you build a strong online presence for your brand. Admin can promote the marketplace on various social media platforms to attract more users.

Affiliate module

Yo!Yumm's affiliate marketing module enables the affiliates to manage their account details, wallet, and reference ids.

Rewards & discounts

Lure your customers with exciting deals & offers, encouraging them to order more from your marketplace.

Yo!Yumm Marketing Features

Manage the Operations with Intuitive Features

Once your food delivery marketplace is launched, you need to manage all the stakeholders on your platform( admin, delivery staff, and customers). Yo!Yumm offers exemplary features to streamline operations and let you smoothly run your online food delivery business.

Flexible users management

The marketplace admin can effectively manage multiple operations pertaining to merchants, customers, and delivery staff.

Order management

Both admin and restaurant can keep a check on the number of orders placed, orders accepted/rejected, order delivery status, and order histories whenever required.

Efficacious report management

Monitor restaurant analytics and get instant access to reports concerning data that is of utmost importance for your food delivery business. Understand your customers' behavior & meet their expectations by drawing insights from reports and statistics.

Advanced delivery management

Yo!Yumm is built with an aim to streamline the delivery management process. Order delivery could be fulfilled either by the marketplace owner or restaurant.

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