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Marketplace with Yo!Yumm

Leverage New Possibilities With Yo!Yumm: Our Unique Marketplace Software

Yo!Yumm vows to cultivate an engaging and rich customer experience with its robust design and simplicity of use. Leverage all possibilities with Yo!Yumm's powerful features and experience momentous business growth. Yo!Yumm is an amalgamation of innovative thinking and uniqueness that lets you launch a food ordering marketplace loaded with advanced features.

Readymade Solution To Build An Online Food Marketplace Packed With Advanced Features

With Yo!Yumm's exemplary features and integrations, scale better and generate a wider customer base. As a customizable solution, Yo!Yumm is ideal for launching an online food ordering platform.

Comprehensive Daily Sales Updates

Keep a check on the overall performance of the food ordering website with Yo!Yumm's powerful analytics and advanced features. Prepare comprehensive business strategies aided by monthly reports and daily sales updates. Boost your business by analyzing essential metrics.

Instant Reply To Reviews

Launch a food ordering marketplace loaded with features through Yo!Yumm. Reply to reviews whenever you receive one for the services provided. This feature also enables the owner of the marketplace to practice moderation of the reviews according to his discretion.

Easy Restaurant Management

Our online food ordering and delivery solution allows merchants to securely log into the mobile application using credentials. The merchant can access and manage all restaurants with a single merchant account conveniently using one application.

Support And Assistance

Witnessing errors on the website? Get instant support and assistance from the admin for unhindered operations with this feature supported by Yo!Yumm. Never let your business suffer because of bugs by getting them resolved quickly.

Menu Management

Practice easy menu management with this feature. Restaurants have the option of marking items listed in the menu as available/unavailable according to the current availability. Conveniently alter the menu list with this feature.

Tracking Payments

Packed with exemplary features, Yo!Yumm is a marketplace solution that supports multiple payment options. Track all payments effectively with this advanced feature. The payment options can be customized as per your business needs.

Order Management

Yo!Yumm comes with advanced order management feature that allows restaurants to systematically manage multiple orders, all at once. Streamline all your orders effectively and view details of orders received in the past when required.

Track Delivery

Yo!Yumm comes with integrated Google Maps which allows live-tracking. Restaurants can track the location of the delivery staff and the status of the order with this feature. Receive instant updates and keep a check on the progress.

Push Notification

With this feature, the restaurants will be able to receive push notification in the event of any critical activity on the website. Manage all orders efficiently by staying always updated about the status of the orders and payments.

Reviews & Ratings

With Yo!Yumm's food ordering solution, customers have the freedom to submit reviews on the website for the quality of services being received, the prices being offered by the restaurant, and more. The customers can also submit ratings for the restaurant's services

Takeaway Options

Launch a food ordering marketplace with Yo!Yumm's unique features. Customers can opt for self pick-ups by selecting the takeaway option while placing orders. With this advanced feature, the customers will be able to schedule their pick-up as per convenience.

Restaurant Listing (Based on Geolocation)

Yo!Yumm houses a variety of customer centric features. The customers can perform advanced search by filtering out restaurants based on geo-location. The customers can select their favorite outlet using a single account and request order delivery.

Multiple Payment Options

Yo!Yumm supports numerous payment options. It enables your customers to make payments flexibly according to their choice of payment gateways. Elevate customers' experience by allowing them to make payments for their orders smoothly.

Discounts & Offers

Offering customers with discounts is a great method to garner customer loyalty. Make this feature an essential part of your website, practice better customer retention and see your business scale better. Witness more sales and improve customer engagement.

Reward Points

Enable your customers to earn extra reward points on every order that they place. The customers can redeem these reward points and earn great discounts on their next order. Build loyalty and gain more customer traction with this advanced feature in Yo!Yumm.

User Registration

The customers can register on the platform conveniently. Allow the customers to log into their account using different social media credentials. Offer customers a hassle-free and prompt registration process with Yo!Yumm.

Order Tracking

With the integrated Google Maps functionality in Yo!Yumm, the customers will be able to track the status and location of their orders in real-time. Also, the customers will receive notifications with the push notification feature.

Advanced Search

The buyers will be able to filter out their choices by simply inserting keywords. Streamlined categorization will enable customers to make more specific choices in the shortest time-span without any hassle and place orders.

Manage Multiple Deliveries Using The App

Multiple deliveries and requests can be managed easily by the delivery staff due to user centric features in our readymade online food ordering solution. This exemplary feature allows the delivery executives to streamline all orders and organize better.

Real-Time Tracking

Our online food ordering marketplace solution supports Google Maps functionality. With this feature, the delivery staff can get a full view of the delivery route and experience easy navigation to the location of delivery in minimum possible time.

Secure Login

With the secure login feature supported by Yo!Yumm, the delivery staff can safely log into their respective accounts and proceed with accepting or rejecting orders. The delivery executives can also update their profiles as and when required.

Push Notifications

The delivery staff can view the deliveries being assigned with the help of the push notifications feature inbuilt in our food ordering system. The delivery staff can then accept or reject orders as per their convenience.

Delivery Management

With this feature, the delivery staff can easily manage multiple deliveries all at once. The feature enables the delivery staff to obtain a comprehensive view of all the orders and schedule the order deliveries.

Convenience Of Operating

This feature allows the delivery staff to mark their availability as active and inactive. Only the active delivery staff will receive notifications for new orders making the process easy and time efficient.

Exemplary Admin Features For Yo!Yumm

Multi-Payment Option

Yo!Yumm supports a variety of payment options ranging from cash on delivery to a wide variety of online payment streams such as PayPal, CC Avenue,, Stripe, and more. Yo!Yumm ensures a safe payment experience for the admin who is entitled to receive all payments with its powerful and advanced payment options.

Delivery management

Managing multiple deliveries has been made easy with Yo!Yumm's delivery management feature. The admin can view and streamline all deliveries in one place and manage the influx of orders smoothly. In the absence of a delivery personnel with the merchant, the admin can initiate delivery with personal delivery staff.

Control over restaurants

Manage and list restaurants conveniently with Yo!Yumm. Our online food delivery software is embedded with powerful features that let you practice full control over restaurants. Handle withdrawal requests and streamline all orders with ease with our systematic food ordering and delivery solution.

Multilingual Capabilities

Reach out to a wider audience with the multilingual capabilities of Yo!Yumm. Expand your customer base in different regions and experience better sales. Launch your online food delivery business in any region as the platform has the ability to serve in more than 240 languages.


Stay always updated about the activities taking place on the platform with this feature in Yo!Yumm. Receive notifications for whenever a new registration takes place, new sale, new affiliate wants to connect, and much more.


With Yo!Yumm, the admin can manage multiple restaurants from a single place. The food ordering solution thereby makes it easier to manage menus, discounts, reviews, and payments from one account.

Generate More Sales

Leverage your online food ordering business and experience better growth with Yo!Yumm. Generate more sales by creating exciting offers, discount coupons, and affiliate programs.

Statistical Report

The admin will be able to perform easy trend analysis with the help of advanced statistical reporting. Gain useful insights into the working and efficiency of the platform with this robust feature in Yo!Yumm.

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User-friendly Frontend

Yo!Yumm's default theme is designed with the goal of enabling food ordering marketplaces to deliver rich user experience to customers. Although customizable, the system is already good enough to help you achieve a high conversion rate.

Advanced Merchant Dashboard

Result of extensive market research & analysis, Yo!Yumm's advanced merchant dashboard allows restaurateurs to manage their orders, sales, transactions, and key processes & details.

Organized Admin Dashboard

To give you total control on every aspect of your online food ordering business - restaurants, consumers, & delivery boys - Yo!Yumm not only offers an extensive list of admin features, but also provide them in a well-organized manner.

Words of Appreciation

I have been so pleased with my service! I was very skeptical with giving them my money but they were very prompt about making sure that my apps and website were up and running in a timely fashion. I highly recommend Fatbit Technologies to anyone that would like to start their own business with their apps!

Tommy Hoffmann

Founder at Food Mood

How Yo!Yumm System Works In
Sync With its Mobile Apps

Yo!Yumm, being a leading food ordering marketplace builder offers all the essential features for restaurateurs to manage the orders efficiently on the website as well as on mobile apps. Through this video, you will learn how Yo!Yumm platform works perfectly in sync with its mobile apps for buyers, merchants & delivery staff, to further simplify the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Yo!Yumm a customizable solution?

Yes, our online food delivery solution Yo!Yumm can be fully customized as per requirement. Our team of experts will work providing customization assistance according to the unique business needs.

Which payment gateways are supported by Yo!Yumm ?

Yo!Yumm comes integrated with four payment gateways, namely:

  • PayPal
  • CC Avenue
  • Stripe

As Yo!Yumm is a customizable solution, additional payment gateways can be integrated at an additional cost.

Is there any limit on the number of restaurants that can register on the restaurant app?

The limit on the number of restaurants that can be registered on the app depends on the type of subscription being purchased. There are two types of subscription plans:

Individual Subscription: Under this plan only one restaurant per merchant account can be displayed.

Corporate Subscription: Under this plan multiple restaurants can be added by the merchant.

The admin of the platform can activate or deactivate the subscription module as per requirement.

Is there any limit on the number of customers that can register on the customer app?

No, there is no such limit. Unlimited number of customers can be registered on the app.

Is location based search available?

Yes, location based search is available. The solution is integrated with Google Maps functionality for easy restaurant search.

Can the admin manage order deliveries in Yo!Yumm?

The admin and the merchant both can manage the order deliveries in Yo!Yumm. In an event where the merchant is unable to assign a delivery personnel to complete the delivery, the admin can assign a delivery personnel and initiate delivery.

Does Yo!Yumm come with features for safety from Covid - 19 ?

Yes, all precautionary measures have been kept in mind. Yo!Yumm supports features for safety against COVID-19 (coronavirus). The included features are as follows:

  • Geo Fencing
  • Contactless deliveries
  • Cashless payments
  • Covid -19 : Notifications

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