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A Unique Online Food Delivery Solution

Yo!Yumm is a market-ready online food delivery app solution to launch your online food delivery business without any hassle. Yo!Yumm's adaptive design and advanced features foster ease of use and an exceptional user experience. Start your food delivery marketplace with Yo!Yumm to stand out in the market and drive exponential business growth.

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User-friendly Interfaces for a Streamlined Online Food Delivery Business

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Yo!Yumm empowers admin to keep track of various ongoing activities on the food delivery platform through an intricately designed admin panel. Integrated with remarkable features, the centralized dashboard allows the admin to easily manage multiple business operations in one place. The well-planned admin panel fosters:

  • Well-informed decision making
  • Better access to data & analytics
  • Easy execution of marketing plans
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YoYumm Powered Businesses Elevating Online Food Delivery Market

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Capture Untapped Opportunities With Yo!Yumm's Intuitive Features

With Yo!Yumm's exemplary features and integrations, scale better and generate a wider customer base. Yo!Yumm is a highly customizable online food delivery app solution that enables ease of use and seamless management.

Daily Sales Updates

By Leveraging the powerful analytics and advanced features of our multi-restaurant delivery software, keep a check on the overall performance of the food ordering platform. Create impactful business strategies aided by monthly reports and daily sales updates. Boost your business by analyzing essential metrics.

Instant Reply To Reviews

Our online food delivery app solution enables merchants to reply to reviews on their services posted by customers. This feature also allows the owner of the marketplace to practice moderation of the reviews according to his/her discretion.

Easy Restaurant Management

Managing multiple restaurants is easy for merchants with our robust multi restaurant delivery software. Merchants can securely log-in to the mobile application using their credentials and can manage multiple restaurants with a single merchant account conveniently.

Support And Assistance

Facing functional issues on the dashboard? Our multi restaurant delivery software comes with a feature for merchants to get instant support and assistance from the admin to execute unhindered operations.

Menu Management

Yo!Yumm enables merchants to easily create and manage the restaurant menu. Merchants can mark the listed items as available/unavailable according to the current availability. Also, the feature allows the restaurant owners to conveniently update the menu list.

Tracking Payments

Packed with exemplary features, Yo!Yumm is an online food delivery app solution that supports multiple payment options. Track all payments effectively with this advanced feature. The payment options can be customized as per your business needs.

Order Management

Yo!Yumm comes with an advanced order management feature that allows restaurants to systematically manage multiple orders, all at once. Streamline all your orders effectively and view details of orders received in the past when required.

Track Delivery

The Yo!Yumm multi-restaurant delivery software is integrated with Google Maps which enables live-tracking. Restaurants can track the location of the delivery staff and the status of the order with this feature. Receive instant updates and keep a check on the progress.

Push Notification

With this feature, the restaurants will be able to receive push notifications for various activities on the website. Manage all orders efficiently by always staying updated about the status of the orders and payments.

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Exemplary Admin Features For Yo!Yumm

Multi-Payment Option

Our multi-restaurant delivery solution supports a variety of payment options ranging from cash on delivery to a wide variety of online payment streams such as PayPal, CC Avenue,, Stripe, and more. Yo!Yumm ensures a safe payment experience for the admin who is entitled to receive all payments via multiple payment options.

Delivery Management

Managing multiple deliveries has been made easy with Yo!Yumm's delivery management feature. With this feature integrated into our online food delivery app solution, the admin can view the status of order deliveries and manage the influx of orders smoothly. In the absence of delivery personnel with the merchant, the admin can initiate delivery with personal delivery staff.

Control over restaurants

Manage and list restaurants conveniently with Yo!Yumm. Our online food delivery solution is embedded with powerful features that let you practice full control over restaurants. Handle withdrawal requests and streamline all orders with ease with our systematic food ordering and delivery solution.

Multilingual Capabilities

Our multi-restaurant delivery solution is equipped with multilingual functionalities to help you reach out to a wider audience. Expand your customer base in different regions and experience better sales. Launch your online food delivery business in any region with the ability to operate in more than 240 languages.


Always stay updated about the activities taking place on the platform with this feature in Yo!Yumm. Receive notifications for sales updates, new registration requests from merchants, affiliates, and much more.


With Yo!Yumm, the admin can manage multiple restaurants from a single account. The online food delivery app solution thereby makes it easier to manage menus, discounts, reviews, and payments from one account.

Marketing Tools

Our multi-restaurant delivery solution enables you to create exciting offers, discount coupons, carry out loyalty and affiliate programs to entice customers. Leveraging the intuitive functionalities of Yo!Yumm, admin can generate more sales and scale business growth.

Statistical Report

The admin can perform easy trend analysis with the help of advanced statistical reporting. Gain useful insights into the working and efficiency of the platform with this robust feature in our online food delivery app solution.

A Customizable Online Food Delivery Solution To Explore Infinite Possibilities

Yo!Yumm comes with an array of customization capabilities to meet diverse requirements of businesses across the online food industry. Our food delivery solution is built around a salable architecture to provide experiences that resonate with your immediate needs. A wide variety of domain-specific features make Yo!Yumm the ideal platform for entrepreneurs to launch their online food delivery marketplace that drives market success.

  • Design Customization
  • Analytical Customization
  • Architectural Customization
  • Feature Customization
  • Operations Customization
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Pre-Integrated 3rd Party APIs

Yo!Yumm is integrated with several third-party APIs to help you build a more scalable and robust online food delivery marketplace.

Words of Appreciation

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"Honestly, everything was great. I am very happy with the result and am continuing to try to scale my business."

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"Very happy with the product and the current support. We are hoping to upgrade our website to a mobile app soon. Great communication with the sales and support team. The best Multivendor Marketplace System in the market "

Volkan Demircan

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"YoYumm helps me deliver food to people that don't stay close enough to restaurants in my city, I cover more ground with my orders and my deliveries. Providing service to the few that UberEats and DoorDash can't cover. The team of Fatbit which setice Yo!Yumm have also been exceptional in taking care of the demands that I have faced in using Yo!Yumm"

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