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Fresh Eats

FRESH EATS - Online Food Delivery Marketplace Built With Yo!Yumm

Fresh Eats, a UK-based business, wanted to offer premium food delivery service to their local community. They approached us with specific customization requirements which our team integrated seamlessly. Following are the customizations provided by us:

  • New payment gateway integration- NMI
  • Thermal printer integration in merchant application
  • Topping customization for customers
Based in: England

PAKETGELSIN - An Online Bakery - Delivering Delicacies

Paketgelsin is a Turkey-based online food and bakery business that wanted an efficient platform for quick on-time deliveries. Our team provided an extensible and scalable solution for efficient order and delivery management along with the following features.

  • Meal customization
  • Multilingual functionality
  • Real-time delivery tracking
  • Multiple payment options
Based in: Turkey
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JETFOOD - Online Food Marketplace For Cuisines And Beverages

Our US-based client wanted to build a reliable online food delivery marketplace. We deployed our solution that competently handles the technology behind the food delivery platform with the following deliverables.

  • Location-based search and listing
  • Advanced delivery management features
  • Easy restaurant management
  • Multiple payment options
Based in: USA

MAMIAM.CH - Complete Food Ordering And Delivery Marketplace

Mamiam sought to provide customers with a localized alternative to major food delivery platforms in their region. To achieve this, we deployed our comprehensive solution that offered efficient delivery management along with a host of other advanced features.

  • Multiple restaurant management
  • Real-time order tracking
  • Instant notifications and alerts for status updates
Based in: Switzerland

KWIKFOOD - Online Food And Beverages Marketplace

KwikFood approached us with the requirement to build a feature-packed online food delivery marketplace. Our team efficiently provided tailored customizations, which included the following deliverables

  • Region-specific payment gateway integrated- Flutterwave
  • Design and color theme customization
  • Coupon and discount management
Based in: Nigeria

ORINOCOFOOD - Online Food Delivery Platform

Orinocofood reached out to us with the idea of developing a simple, user-friendly, and efficient food ordering platform. Our team ensured to provide everything that made this food delivery platform market-ready.

  • Buyer mobile app provided
  • Design and color theme customization
  • Advanced delivery management system
Based in: Nigeria
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