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FATbit Technologies Craviors Fallback
The White Glove Concierge Food Delivery Service

Our US-based client approached us with a requirement to build a platform that would offer premier food delivery experiences to private jets, airports, and corporate events. Our team deployed Yo!Yumm that streamlined last-mile expertise delivery, allowing multiple restaurant orders for multiple customers in a single go, with the following deliverables.

  • Allow the customer to order from multiple restaurants in a single order.
  • Ability to place orders from multiple users in a single transaction.
  • Notifications for scheduled delivery management.
  • Helps consumers provide instructions with individual food items to facilitate order customization.
  • Delivery based on precise location at airports.
  • UI enhancements for better user experience.
  • Payment page optimization to minimize complexity at the user end.

Based in: USA


P2P Fashion Rental Marketplace
Online Food Marketplace and Events Directory

We deployed a multi-vendor e-commerce food delivery platform with multilingual support- that allows tourists to locate local events and restaurants for delivery, take-away, and dine-in. It encapsulates the following deliverables.

  • Global language selection.
  • Free subscription tab in addition to two base subscription models
  • Custom location-based search for local events.
  • 3 customized deliveries/orders options - "Dine in", "Delivery" & "Self Pickup".

Based in: Thailand

BitBit Delivery

FATbit Technologies Hireduty Fallback
Online On-Demand Marketplace For Food & Groceries

Our Philippines-based client wanted to build an online on-demand food delivery platform for same-day deliveries and scheduled celebrations. Our team deployed Yo!Yumm to build BitBit, with an extensive range of features to meet the client's requirements. The system was integrated with outstanding features to facilitate the delivery of food, groceries, pharma, shopping, and parcels.

  • Customer-centric platform allowing on-demand deliveries through Android and iOS mobile apps.
  • A COD verified parcel service, embedded with ID proof and mobile phone number verification.
  • Option for admin to incentivize preferred food items through promotions.
  • Delivery management module for food and grocery.
  • Options to manage permanent and ad-hoc delivery fleet.
  • Control to define varied delivery prices based on locations.
  • Sub-admin option for area-specific delivery management.
  • Separate tab for scheduled deliveries.
  • New payment gateway "Paymaya" integrated.

Based in: Cabanatuan, Philippines

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FATbit Technologies Alkki
A Comprehensive Online Food Marketplace

A regional online marketplace focused on improving the environment, health, and sustainability. We deployed a system that handles the technology behind the food delivery platform with the following deliverables.

  • Feature for pre-order/ scheduled delivery at both customer's end and the merchant's end.
  • Store page modifications including the product image enhancements, product info, and additional filters.
  • 3 customized deliveries/orders- "Pre-order", "Delivery" & "Pickup".
  • Area-specific Date formatting.
  • Geared to work with Euro currency
  • New payment gateway integrated: Stripe

Based in: Germany


FATbit Technologies Client Winkls
Online Food & Drinks Marketplace

An online food and drinks marketplace providing exemplary service with a feature-rich platform. The system was deployed with the following deliverables.

  • New payment gateway integrated
  • Chat plugins embedded into the system
  • Precise order management module enhancements
  • Multilingual functionality
  • Last-mile delivery management.
  • Advanced order management.

Based in: Nigeria


FATbit Technologies Tiger Parrot
An Online Food Ordering and Delivery Marketplace

A Sydney-based food ordering platform delivering across Australia with an endless variety of food, grocery, and alcohol. We deployed the system with the following deliverables.

  • A customizable multilingual platform
  • Last-mile delivery management.
  • Advanced order management
  • Unhindered operations with multiple restaurant management.

Based in: Australia

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