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The Mission

Ahmad Jamal Tariq, the founder of Fresh Eats had the mission to connect local restaurants with customers in the UK. He envisioned providing a seamless online food delivery experience to customers on the go while creating revenue opportunities for restaurant partners in the region. He needed an online food delivery platform capable of transforming his vision into a scaling food delivery business.


    Online Food Delivery




Defining the Requirements

To execute his business idea, the client aspired to launch a user-friendly food delivery platform. However, to differentiate his platform, he also shared a few unique customization requirements. Additionally, to enhance customer convenience, and streamline business operations, the client wanted to launch intuitive mobile apps.

  • Design enhancements
  • Topping customizations
  • Enable/disable packaging fee
  • UK-specific payment gateway integration- NMI
  • Discount coupon customizations
  • Ideal Postcode API integration
  • Thermal printer integration
  • Configuration to define fixed service charge
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The Solution

Impressed by the software's versatile capabilities, and the team's proven experience, the client found Yo!Yumm to be a perfect solution for his food delivery business needs. Moreover, all the shared customizations were incorporated successfully and Fresh Eats was launched in the market. Mobile Apps for Android and iOS were also deployed for customers, restaurants, and delivery personnel as per client's requirements.

Creating Unique Experiences

The Food delivery industry is a fiercely competitive domain, we help our clients stay ahead by offering cutting-edge food delivery solutions. Our innovative software and user-friendly mobile apps provide a seamless user experience while driving unprecedented growth and profits for our clients' businesses.

Leveraging the software's industry-specific capabilities, Fresh Eats could seamlessly enter this lucrative food delivery industry and establish a successful business. Intuitive mobile apps enabled Fresh Eats to truly meet the needs of the users. Additionally, the following specifications and functionalities were offered by Yo!Yumm.

  • Advanced Searched

    Advanced Search Functionality

    The software offers an intuitive search functionality enabling customers to search for their favorite dishes by restaurants, cuisines, locations, and more.

  • Coupon

    Discount Coupons

    To attract more customers a loyalty program has been implemented on the platform. Additionally, admin and restaurants can define the bearable percentage for the discount coupons.

  • Location

    Real-Time Order Trackings

    By leveraging powerful GPS tracking features, customers can track their orders easily and can get notified about the ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival).

  • Commission Management

    With a robust commission management system, the admin can seamlessly set commission rates for partner restaurants along with managing service charges, VAT, and more.

  • Ratings

    Reviews and Ratings

    With pre-built reviews and rating functionality, Fresh Eats is successfully building trust and credibility by allowing customers to share reviews and ratings.

  • report

    Reports and Analytics

    Admin can have a comprehensive overview of the reports, and get access to important information such as number of orders, visitors, signups, and more.

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Review From Our Valued Client

Our clients speak highly of the unmatched support and technology we offer. Read what our esteemed client Mr. Ahmad (founder of Fresh Eats) has to say about his experience with us and the value we brought to his business.

The Result

With Fresh Eats, the client's vision of establishing a successful food delivery business became a reality. They could speed up their business operations and boost revenue with our versatile software. Additionally, by leveraging our intuitive mobile apps they could cater to a broader customer base, elevating their business to new heights.

Since its launch, 100+ restaurants have partnered with Fresh Eats, and daily numerous users visit the platform for their food ordering and delivery needs. Fresh Eats continues to transform the way food is delivered in the UK, and the journey has just begun.

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