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Yo!Yumm is a market-ready online food delivery app solution to launch your online food delivery business without any hassle. Yo!Yumm's adaptive design and advanced features foster ease of use and an exceptional user experience. Start your food delivery marketplace with Yo!Yumm to stand out in the market and drive exponential business growth.


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Leaders Providing Value in the Food Delivery Industry


FATbit/Yo!Yumm is not associated or affiliated with any of the brand name or trademark used on the page. They are properties of their respective owners. Features of these websites may or may not vary from those available in Yo!Yumm. Additional features or APIs can be added in the customization plan.

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Online Food Delivery Business Niches Compatible With Yo!Yumm

As a feature-rich and adaptable food delivery software, Yo!Yumm empowers businesses across various niches in the food industry to launch their marketplaces with advanced capabilities.

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Pizza Delivery Marketplace

Pizza Delivery Marketplace

Bring together local pizzerias and pizza lovers by launching a unique Pizza delivery marketplace. Let them savor piping-hot delicacies delivered straight to their doorstep. Key players leading the Pizza industry include Slicelife, GrubHub, and more.

Meat Delivery Marketplace
Meat Delivery Marketplace

Meat Delivery Marketplace

Build a meat delivery marketplace connecting meat lovers with local meat suppliers and butcher shops. Significant players in the Meat industry are Fossil Farms, DeBragga, and others.

Tea, Coffee & Beverages Marketplace
Tea, Coffee & Beverages Marketplace

Tea, Coffee & Beverages Marketplace

Quench the thirst of tea and coffee lovers by launching an online beverage delivery marketplace and connect local cafes, and beverage shops, with customers seamlessly. Key players in the Beverage industry are Drizly and Provi.

Dairy Products Marketplace
Dairy Products Marketplace

Dairy Products Marketplace

Bridge the gap between local diaries and customers seeking fresh dairy products by building an online dairy products platform. Prominent players in the Dairy sector are Doorstep Dairy, Pete’s Milk Delivery, and others.

Bakery Products Marketplace
Bakery Products Marketplace

Bakery Products Marketplace

Launch an online bakery marketplace, and provide individual bakers, and well-established bakeries a platform to offer a delectable range of baked products to their customers. Key players in the Baking industry are Price Chopper and Amazing Grace Bakery and Marketplace

Spreads and Sweeteners Marketplace
Spreads and Sweeteners Marketplace

Spreads and Sweeteners Marketplace

Build an online platform connecting local producers and sellers of jams, marmalade, honey, and spreads with buyers seeking such products. Popular players in the Spreads and Sweeteners industry include SFA Product Marketplace and Cargill.

Meal Kit Service Marketplace
Meal Kit Service Marketplace

Meal Kit Service Marketplace

Launch an online meal kit delivery platform and satisfy busy individuals with fresh meal kits while supporting local kitchens, chefs, and culinary experts. Significant players in the Meal kit industry are Purple Carrot and HelloFresh.

Healthy Food Marketplace
Healthy Food Marketplace

Healthy Food Marketplace

Leverage the rising demand for healthier food choices by launching a unique marketplace providing healthy food options to health-conscious consumers. Key players in the Health food industry include Bubble Goods, and Natura Market

Meal Delivery Business Marketplace
Meal Delivery Business Marketplace

Meal Delivery Business Marketplace

By launching a meal delivery marketplace, connect culinary experts and aspiring chefs while helping customers order gourmet meals from the comfort of their homes. Leading platforms in the Meal delivery industry include Meal Prep Marketplace and Uncle Giuseppe’s.

Fish & Seafood Marketplace
Fish & Seafood Marketplace

Fish & Seafood Marketplace

Leverage the technology to deliver ocean-fresh food to seafood consumers and turn your venture into a lucrative business by building an online seafood delivery marketplace. Popular Fish and Seafood marketplaces are Chicago Steak Company and Good Chop.

Cake Delivery Marketplace
Cake Delivery Marketplace

Cake Delivery Marketplace

Deliver delicacies for every occasion by launching a cake delivery platform. Enable individual cake bakers and bakery shops to reach a larger customer base. Famous Cake Delivery platforms are Bakers Market and Kroger.

Lunchbox Delivery Marketplace
Lunchbox Delivery Marketplace

Lunchbox Delivery Marketplace

Cater to busy individuals seeking delicious home-cooked meals, while supporting local kitchens, chefs, and culinary experts by building an online lunchbox delivery platform. Popular platforms in the Lunchbox industry are Fooda and The Lunch Box.

Capture untapped opportunities with Yo!Yumm's intuitive features

With Yo!Yumm's exemplary features and integrations, scale better and generate a wider customer base. Yo!Yumm is a highly customizable online food ordering and delivery system that enables ease of use and seamless management.

Manage Restaurants

With Yo!Yumm's specific restaurant management features admin is able to manage multiple restaurants from a single platform. You have full control over the restaurants, you can add, or remove restaurants, edit their details, and update/add cuisines with ease.

Manage Users

Managing users becomes an easy task with our intuitive interfaces. From customer registrations to driver profiles, the admin can efficiently handle all user accounts and access related information. Provide seamless support to users on your platform and address their concerns, ensuring a satisfying experience.

Commission Management

Our robust commission management system simplifies financial transactions and revenue tracking. Set commission rates for partner restaurants, including service charges, VAT, discounts, & more, in the set commission and provide a transparent financial transaction process.

Manage Reports and Reviews

Make data-driven decisions by leveraging comprehensive reports offered by our food delivery app solution. Gain insights into your business performance and get real-time access to information such as orders, visitors on the platform, signups, and more. Monitor customer reviews, and mark them as active, inactive, or inappropriate.

Manage Withdrawal Request

Streamline fund withdrawal requests from delivery personnel or restaurant partners. Our solution provides a centralized platform where admins can review, approve, or reject requests, and more. This feature lets the admin efficiently process payment ensuring timely and transparent transactions.

CMS Management

Take charge of your online presence in the industry with our feature-packed content management system. Add, update, and optimize website content effortlessly with just a few clicks. Also manage other content such as blogs, FAQs, banners, and navigation of your platform, and provide a seamless user experience.

Order Management

Bring precision and efficiency in managing orders with advanced features offered by Yo!Yumm. Our software provides a centralized dashboard where restaurants can view, and process orders, in real-time. Restaurants can seamlessly handle order modifications, cancellations, and refunds, ensuring a smooth experience for customers.

Track Delivery

Optimise and automate food delivery operations with Yo!Yumm's feature-packed delivery module. Gain full control over your delivery fleet, access driver's live location, and get real-time updates on their location. Restaurants can increase transparency and improve customer satisfaction by providing an estimated time of delivery to customers.

Push Notifications

With this feature, restaurants can get instant updates related to new orders, the status of received or shipped orders, payments received, and other important updates.

Easy Restaurant Management

Restaurants can elevate their online presence on the platform by leveraging advanced features offered by our food delivery app solution. By effortlessly uploading pictures, and updating essential business-related information restaurants can attract more customers.

Menu Management

Yo!Yumm is a robust food delivery software designed specially to let restaurants effortlessly manage their menu with just a few clicks. Restaurants can customize & update their menu items— add or edit descriptions, prices, availability, and more in real-time without hassle.

Tracking Payments

With Yo!Yumm's multi-payment option support, restaurants can leverage the benefit of tracking their earnings in real-time. They can avail of data related to money credited, debited, or refunded all in one place.

Discounts and Offers

Attract more customers with irresistible offers & discounts and increase the customer retention rate of your platform. Yo!Yumm allows you to create exciting offers, & coupons, and carry out loyalty programs to attract your customers.

User Registration

Offer your customers an easy and swift registration process with Yo!Yumm. Allow them to register with email, Google account, or with social media credentials.

Order Tracking

Yo!Yumm comes pre-integrated with live tracking features. With this functionality, customers can track their orders in real-time and get notified about the estimated delivery time.

Multiple Payment Methods

To provide seamless financial transactions on your platform, Yo!Yumm supports multiple payment options such as debit cards, credit cards, eWallets, and more. We also offer multiple payment gateways such as Stripe, PayPal, and many more for customers' convenience.

Reviews and Rating

This feature is integral for building trust and credibility among your customers. Get real-time feedback from your customers for the quality of service received on your platform. Customers can also leave ratings for the restaurants they have ordered food from.

Restaurant Search Based on Geolocation

Our software's geolocation capabilities work seamlessly to enhance customer satisfaction and ensure speedy deliveries. Allow your customers to search restaurants based on their location. Filter and display location-based availability of food items to your target customers. Define your geographical location to effectively reach your target audience.

Real-time Tracking

With Yo!Yumm's powerful tracking and route optimization features, the location of the delivery personnel can be seen in real-time. Additionally, delivery personnel can efficiently track their destination and navigate through optimized routes for on-time delivery of food orders.

Manage Multiple Deliveries Using App

Yo!Yumm empowers you to deliver orders with unmatched efficiency and precision. Seamlessly manage multiple deliveries using our user-intuitive app, ensuring each order reaches its destination promptly. Our intuitive mobile app helps delivery personnel in catering to multiple customers all at once.

Push Notifications

Our Software includes a push notification functionality that lets drivers get an instant status update from order confirmation to other important details. The delivery personnel can accept or decline the delivery request at their convenience.

Delivery Management

Yo!Yumm simplifies the complexity of delivery management. Delivery personnel can view order details, delivery address, total orders assigned, delivered, and much more all in one place. Our intuitive functionality ensures that delivery personnel can manage a high volume of orders without compromising on efficiency.

Secure Login

It's crucial to prioritize the security of data on your food delivery platform, secure login features offered by Yo!Yumm lets delivery personnel register and log in securely to the platform.

Convenience of Operations

Yo!Yumm offers intuitive workflows and user-friendly interfaces making it extremely convenient for delivery drivers to manage their operations. By leveraging features offered by our solution, drivers manage their orders, earnings, and more with ease, leading to enhanced productivity.

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Different Types of Food Delivery Marketplaces You Can Build With Yo!Yumm

Yo!Yumm offers an array of features and capabilities that can cater to a diverse range of food delivery marketplaces. With this software, entrepreneurs can seamlessly transform their unique ideas into successful business ventures. Following are different types of food delivery marketplaces you can build with Yo!Yumm.

Order Only Marketplace

In this marketplace, the administrator is solely responsible for managing the orders and does not involve delivery. The restaurants can provide their own delivery services.

Order and Delivery Marketplace

This type of marketplace involves the administrator managing both the ordering and delivery. The restaurants will simply register with the marketplace and prepare the orders without worrying about the deliveries.

Fully Integrated Marketplace

In this marketplace, the business owner manages everything from preparing meals to delivering them to the customer's doorstep. However, the business owner can partner with chefs to cook meals.

Reservation-Booking Marketplace

With this marketplace, restaurants can cater to a specific segment of customers looking for a convenient dine-in experience by allowing them to reserve tables in advance.

BOPIS (Buy Online, Pick-up In Store)

This marketplace allows users to purchase their food orders online which they can pick later from the restaurant. Through this marketplace, you can offer convenience and flexibility to the customers.

Scheduled Delivery Marketplace

With this marketplace, enable customers to place orders in advance and schedule deliveries according to their convenience and flexibility. It is suitable for catering services, delivering bulk food orders for parties, events, and more.

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Our Clients Stories


FATbit Technologies Craviors Fallback
An Online Bakery

This turkey-based entrepreneur wanted to build an efficient food ordering and delivery platform offering quick deliveries. They wanted to offer bakery products along with food ordering and delivery services on their platform. Our team provided robust food delivery software and launched their online food delivery marketplace with ease. The following are the deliverables provided by our team.

  • Real-time delivery tracking
  • Multiple payment options
  • Meal customization
  • Multilingual functionality

Based in: Turkey


FATbit Technologies Craviors Fallback
An Online Food Delivery Marketplace

Our UK-based client had the vision to provide premium food delivery services to their local community. Our food delivery software aligned perfectly with their business requirements. However, they had specific customization requirements related to region-specific payment gateway integration and more which our team implemented seamlessly. Following were the customizations and features provided by us.

  • Topping customizations
  • Region-specific payment gateway integration- NMI
  • Thermal printer integration in merchant application
  • Order management

Based in: UK


FATbit Technologies Craviors Fallback
Online Cuisines and Beverages Marketplace

This US-based client wanted to build an online food delivery marketplace offering cuisines and beverages to customers. After exploring the capabilities of our feature-packed software, they found it to be perfectly aligned with their requirements. We launched an advanced online food delivery platform with the following deliverables:

  • Advanced delivery management features
  • Easy restaurant management
  • Multiple payment options
  • Location-based search and listing

Based in: USA


FATbit Technologies Craviors Fallback

Our US-based client approached us with a requirement to build a platform that would offer premier food delivery experiences to private jets, airports, and corporate events. Our team deployed Yo!Yumm that streamlined last-mile expertise delivery, allowing multiple restaurant orders for multiple customers in a single go, with the following deliverables.

  • Allow the customer to order from multiple restaurants in a single order.
  • Ability to place orders from multiple users in a single transaction.
  • Notifications for scheduled delivery management.
  • Helps consumers provide instructions with individual food items to facilitate order customization.
  • Delivery based on precise location at airports.
  • UI enhancements for better user experience.
  • Payment page optimization to minimize complexity at the user end.

Based in: USA


P2P Fashion Rental Marketplace

We deployed a multi-vendor e-commerce food delivery platform with multilingual support- that allows tourists to locate local events and restaurants for delivery, take-away, and dine-in. It encapsulates the following deliverables.

  • Global language selection.
  • Free subscription tab in addition to two base subscription models
  • Custom location-based search for local events.
  • 3 customized deliveries/orders options - "Dine in", "Delivery" & "Self Pickup".

Based in: Thailand

BitBit Delivery

FATbit Technologies Hireduty Fallback
Online On-Demand Marketplace For Food & Groceries

Our Philippines-based client wanted to build an online on-demand food delivery platform for same-day deliveries and scheduled celebrations. Our team deployed Yo!Yumm to build BitBit, with an extensive range of features to meet the client's requirements. The system was integrated with outstanding features to facilitate the delivery of food, groceries, pharma, shopping, and parcels.

  • Customer-centric platform allowing on-demand deliveries through Android and iOS mobile apps.
  • A COD verified parcel service, embedded with ID proof and mobile phone number verification.
  • Option for admin to incentivize preferred food items through promotions.
  • Delivery management module for food and grocery.
  • Options to manage permanent and ad-hoc delivery fleet.
  • Control to define varied delivery prices based on locations.
  • Sub-admin option for area-specific delivery management.
  • Separate tab for scheduled deliveries.
  • New payment gateway “Paymaya” integrated.

Based in: Cabanatuan, Philippines


FATbit Technologies Alkki

A regional online marketplace focused on improving the environment, health, and sustainability. We deployed a system that handles the technology behind the food delivery platform with the following deliverables.

  • Feature for pre-order/ scheduled delivery at both customer's end and the merchant's end.
  • Store page modifications including the product image enhancements, product info, and additional filters.
  • 3 customized deliveries/orders- "Pre-order", "Delivery" & "Pickup".
  • Area-specific Date formatting.
  • Geared to work with Euro currency
  • New payment gateway integrated: Stripe

Based in: Germany


FATbit Technologies Client Winkls
Online Food & Drinks Marketplace

An online food and drinks marketplace providing exemplary service with a feature-rich platform. The system was deployed with the following deliverables.

  • New payment gateway integrated
  • Chat plugins embedded into the system
  • Precise order management module enhancements
  • Multilingual functionality
  • Last-mile delivery management.
  • Advanced order management.

Based in: Nigeria


FATbit Technologies Tiger Parrot

A Sydney-based food ordering platform delivering across Australia with an endless variety of food, grocery, and alcohol. We deployed the system with the following deliverables.

  • A customizable multilingual platform
  • Last-mile delivery management.
  • Advanced order management
  • Unhindered operations with multiple restaurant management.

Based in: Australia

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Yo!Yumm Delivery
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Yo!Yumm Buyer
Merchant App
Yo!Yumm Merchant
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Why Yo!Yumm is Best Fit For Your Business

Transform your business idea into reality with our fully-featured online food delivery software. Get everything you need to maximize profits and offer an unparalleled user experience on your platform. Let's explore the key specifications.

Catering to Diverse Niches

Covering a wide array of niches within the food delivery industry, we have served global clientele in various niches. From Pizza, Meat, and Beverages delivery to Fish, Meal-kit, and Milk delivery, Yo!Yumm can cater to numerous niches with its capabilities.

Diverse Business Models

This versatile software can cater to varied business models, and can accommodate any unique or different business model ideas or concepts present within the food delivery industry.

Comprehensive Documentation

We provide comprehensive documentation to ensure a seamless experience with our software. With detailed and informative documentation, clients effortlessly leverage the benefits of our software.

Personalized Demo

Get a walkthrough of our software through a personalized demo. Gain an in-depth understanding of features, interfaces, components, and capabilities from our experts.

Satisfied Clients

Yo!Yumm has helped numerous entrepreneurs bring their business ideas to life. Our satisfied clients speak highly of the unwavering support and services we provide through their positive feedback.

Scalable & Customizable

Unlike many software offering restricted scalability, Yo!Yumm is a highly scalable & customizable software that can accommodate all your needs as your business grows in the future.

Security & Performance

Yo!Yumm is a highly secure software that makes it impossible to hack or run the code on any domain without our license. With this software, the data breaching vulnerabilities are minimal and the user data remains secured on the platform.

Source Code Ownership

Gain full ownership of your software, ensuring you have full control and flexibility over your platform for a lifetime.

Performance & Architecture

Our software offers high performance and is designed to accommodate a maximum number of users on the platform without compromising its speed. Moreover, it is built on a robust and flexible architecture.

Global Reach

By leveraging the geo-location functionality, reach out to customers at the global level. Break the geographical boundaries and expand your business to any corner of the world.

Industry-Specific Ratings

Yo!Yumm has been in the industry for a very long time and has been recognized by various organizations. Esteemed software rating platforms such as G2, Capterra etc. have consistently awarded our food delivery marketplace software.

White-Label Solution

With white-label software, launch your platform in the market quickly without having to invest money and effort in a long development process. Rebrand your platform as per your own business vision and gain a competitive edge in the industry.

Lifetime Ownership

Get complete control over your platform for a lifetime as compared to paying recurring charges where you are highly dependent on the software provider, and can use the platform only till you pay the license renewal fee.

Industry-Specific Features

Food delivery industry-specific features such as geolocation, real-time tracking, instant push notifications, advanced search filters, reviews, ratings, and more, already exist in Yo!Yumm.

No Coding Required

No coding and technical expertise is required. However, with other solutions, you may need technical knowledge or have to hire an experienced team of designers and developers.

Feedback from Our Clients

Client Name: Frederick Tommy Martinez

"Honestly, everything was great. I am very happy with the result and am continuing to try to scale my business."

Country: USA
1. Quality of Work being delivered
2. Fairness & Competitiveness on Pricing
3. Technical Expertise & Capability of the Project Team
4. Professionalism of the Project Coordinator attached to your project
5. Overall quality of services provided
Client Name: Volkan Demircan

"Great communication with the sales and support team. The best Multivendor Marketplace System in the market!"

Country: Australia
1. Quality of Work being delivered
2. Fairness & Competitiveness on Pricing
3. Technical Expertise & Capability of the Project Team
4. Professionalism of the Project Coordinator attached to your project
5. Overall quality of services provided
Client Name: Jing Ma
Country: USA
1. Quality of Work being delivered
2. Fairness & Competitiveness on Pricing
3. Technical Expertise & Capability of the Project Team
4. Professionalism of the Project Coordinator attached to your project
5. Overall quality of services provided
Client Name: Michel J. Janssen
Country: USA
1. Quality of Work being delivered
2. Fairness & Competitiveness on Pricing
3. Technical Expertise & Capability of the Project Team
4. Professionalism of the Project Coordinator attached to your project
5. Overall quality of services provided
Client Name: Patrick Franklin

"Coming in contact with your company was like a dream come true! The entire service was humane and that's different from what I've experienced from many online services in your category."

Country: Nigeria
1. Quality of Work being delivered
2. Fairness & Competitiveness on Pricing
3. Technical Expertise & Capability of the Project Team
4. Professionalism of the Project Coordinator attached to your project
5. Overall quality of services provided
 Infinite Possibilities

A customizable online food delivery solution to explore infinite possibilities

Yo!Yumm comes with an array of customization capabilities to meet diverse requirements of businesses across the online food industry. Our food delivery solution is built around a salable architecture to provide experiences that resonate with your immediate needs. A wide variety of domain-specific features make Yo!Yumm the ideal platform for entrepreneurs to launch their online food delivery marketplace that drives market success.

Get your food delivery marketplace customized
as per your requirements
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Words of appreciation

Yo!Yumm client afritastes

"Yo!Yumm helps me deliver food to people that don't stay close enough to restaurants in my city, I cover more ground with my orders and my deliveries. Providing service to the few that UberEats and DoorDash can't cover. The team of Fatbit which setice Yo!Yumm have also been exceptional in taking care of the demands that I have faced in using Yo!Yumm"

Oladotun O


Yo!Yumm client bulldog

"Honestly, everything was great. I am very happy with the result and am continuing to try to scale my business."

Frederick Tommy Martinez

BullDog Delivery

Yo!Yumm client weefeed

"Very happy with the product and the current support. We are hoping to upgrade our website to a mobile app soon. Great communication with the sales and support team. The best Multivendor Marketplace System in the market "

Volkan Demircan

we feed

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